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I purchaed a car from Xtreme Motors on Eastern ave, Baltimore ,Md.they said they could get me finaced after the got my down payment, i received a letter in the mail from United Auto Credit saying they was unable to finace me.

This was 2 months after i purchased the car. I called them and ask what was going on they said it was ok donot worry my finacing was ok but a week later the repo. my car. Now they refussed to refund my money.

David and Don are running a scam so not i have go to get my lawyer on this matter.

I never delt with a dealership so unprofessional!Never do businees with these crooks they will have you sign a contact like its legit then repo your vehical after they get your deposit.

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Well if you had read the contract you were due additional payments (down payment) to get financing approved which you never made.You were approved by another bank, but then you attempted not only to evade phone calls (bank customer verification) but never completed down payments due on time.

Only then after several phone calls and 2 months later was your car repo for non payment, and breach of agreement.

Xtreme Motor Cars - Xteme motor cars

Austin, Texas 2 comments
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After nearly $25,000 dolars and 6 freakin' years , my car was destroyed and worthless.Never ever under any circumstances deal with xtreme motor cars.

Jeff is a liar and a " momas boy" who never grew up. And is willing to take your money and play gigilo. I have a pending lawsuit and caution you not to spend the many thousands that I have.....

If you want to spend years of your life and be in the hole for thousand s of $, go ahead and buy that piece of *** bumper off of E-bay.Best of luck, e-mail me anytime.

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Kewanee, Illinois, United States #236067

Stay intouch and I will let you know when it is...or the settlement amount.


So you bought a bumper on Ebay and you paid $25,000 for it to a "gigilo" named Jeff and it took six years to get it and then he destroyed your car. I'd pay for a ticket to see that trial.

I'll be sure to avoid Xtreme Motor Cars just as soon as I figure out what city/state/country/planet it's on.

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